On Vacation

First of all, let me explain my unwonted silence. We are staying in a timeshare community that, incredibly, has no internet access except in a few public locations. That makes it rather a challenge to post blog entries. I’m not sure how many there will be. This is yesterday’s entry (June 1).

Today got off to an unnecessarily early start for me. I thought that Walter actually wanted to go to the “welcome breakfast” today, so I got up at 7:30, showered, made tea, and then when I went to ask Walter what he wanted for breakfast, found out that he had no intention of going to the welcome thing! So I took a nap after breakfast.

Later, when everyone was up, we set off for the Indian Rock Cave, one of the big attractions around here and one we have visited on every trip we’ve made to this area. To be honest, I was very nervous. I knew there were a lot of stairs going down to the cave, and though I was quite sure I could make it down, I was not sure at all that I could make it back up!

We parked the car and started down the stairs. The whole way down there were two thoughts in my mind (apart from ‘don’t slip and fall, you idiot!’). The first was “I’m gonna die on the way back up,” and the second was, “If I somehow survive, I’d better have a good blood sugar reading at lunchtime!”

I did eventually make it down to the cave. Thanks to the wet spring, the cave is also pretty wet and the moss is very thick and lush.

Lucy had some memories of being there as a young child, but Jasper was only a year old the last time we were here as a family, so it was all new to him. He was so delighted with every new discovery.

When the others were ready to go on to the rest of the trail, we parted ways. I knew for certain that I could not handle the rest of the trail, despite the fact that back in the day I did it more than once with a baby in a sling. What I didn’t know was if I could make it back up all those stairs! I took it very slowly and gave myself permission to rest if necessary. However, I found out that I didn’t want to rest for fear I wouldn’t be willing to get up again and keep going!

I was huffing and puffing at the end, but I made it. That is definitely the most strenuous thing I’ve done since my surgery. I was pretty proud of myself. I went to the car and rested there until the others finished the whole loop of the trail and then came back.

After that we went into the little museum there which is also part of our family tradition. And you know what? The lady at the museum told me that she would have happily driven me down to the cave in a golf cart! Oh well . . .

We got lots of good information at the museum, and then got to also go into the log cabin, one of only two structures that were saved from the four communities that were submerged when Greers Ferry Lake was created.

By then we were ready to come home for a late lunch, followed by napping for some of us. I was definitely in need of a nap. Later on Walter took the kids to the pool to swim. He does not swim, ever, unless both the air temperature and the water temperature are too warm to be appealing, but he took along a book to read.

I stayed home and tried to practice my autoharp, seeing as I’m going to be doing three days of autoharp classes later this week. Unfortunately, though, I have had a serious flare-up of arthritis in my right index finger today, and that made playing both difficult and painful. I finally gave up.

I also ran the Jacuzzi full of warm water so that when the kids came home they could warm up. I had a feeling they’d be chilled, and they were. It was the first time for either of them to be in a hot tub, and they loved it!

For supper we had Jasper’s meal (each family member got to pick a main meal). He chose fish and chips. I of course did not get any “chips” but I enjoyed the fish. About that time the toothache that had been plaguing me all day became impossible to ignore. I really hope it goes away. This has been a very pain-filled day and I’m kind of discouraged because of it. I really need prayer for healing and wisdom.

Also, for those of you who have been praying for my mom, she got out of the hospital today and is facing a new era of her life being on oxygen round the clock. I’m sure she’d appreciate your continued prayers.



One thought on “On Vacation

  1. So sorry to hear the news about your Mom. So glad that you got go away for a vacation, hopefully your tooth will not act up. I emailed you something that might help for uour toothache. Xo


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