An Unspecified Number of Years Ago Today, Someone Was Born

Today is Lina’s birthday. I hope someone made it special for her over there in Zambia. It’s days like this when a TARDIS or a Star Trek transporter would come in very handy!

I did school with Jasper this morning and then worked on other things this afternoon. I have a backlog of things that need to be mailed various places, but first they must be packaged and addressed, a job I do not enjoy. Most of it is done now!

Jasper had his piano lesson here because his sweet teacher has no electricity at her house. I don’t think there are a whole lot of people without power in our town, but those who live in the direct path of the tornado have it a lot worse.

This afternoon I heard from my dad that my mom is in the hospital. I sure would appreciate your prayers for her. She is being treated for congestive heart failure and a serious urinary tract infection, and will most likely be in the hospital for at least a couple of days. Having been there so recently myself, she has my sympathy!

And finally pray for me too as I go to meet my new doctor tomorrow morning first thing. I am hoping for a good cooperative relationship and that we can figure out a way to get my blood sugar and blood pressure under better control.


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