I thought you’d like to see a photo of our former church that had a tree fall on it during the tornado last night:

 Westminster after the storm

The tree has already been removed, but as you can see there is quite a bit of damage. Thanks to Charissa Blake for the photo.

Today I ran a brief errand, prepared for class, and taught my class. After class I had a little while to make myself some supper. I had been given collard greens from a friend’s garden, so I cooked them and felt very southern. They are not my favorite greens by any stretch of the imagination, but they are low-carb so I ate them without complaint. Everybody else got macaroni and cheese.

Then it was off to my writers’ meeting. It was a small group this month, but one of the ladies there is someone I rarely see so it was good to catch up with her a bit. I also did learn a few marketing tips.

When I came home from my meeting I saw this:

 5-26-15 bug prank

And was a little dismayed. I believe my actual words were, “Holy moly, what is that?” It was a prank, that’s what it was. Lucy cut the bug out of paper and stuck it on the inside of the lampshade. The kids were very entertained by my reaction. I’m so glad I can brighten up their lives by humiliating myself . . . .

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