Two Days, Two Big Storms

Yesterday was a mostly normal Sunday. I played the autoharp in church and in the afternoon we called Lina to wish her a happy birthday (her birthday is on Wednesday). As always, it was good to hear her voice and talk to her.

Right as we were getting supper ready, the tornado sirens went off and sure enough, there was a tornado warning. Most of us hunkered down in the garage until the warning expired, then came back upstairs and ate our dinner. There was a lot of rain and thunder!

Today, nobody had to work so we all slept in to varying degrees. Walter and I were the first up. Although I had plans of my own, Walter started doing a bunch of long-overdue housework, so I went with that. We finished sorting through Flynn’s stuff and got a lot of stuff cleaned, sorted, and put away. In the afternoon, Walter and Spencer went to take a look at Spencer’s car and found that it needs some brake work.

It started raining late afternoon, so any fond hopes I might have had of grilling our burgers died at that point. As it was, we had to have fans blowing and doors open for a while because Lucy’s dessert dripped in the oven and there was a lot of smoke.

Wouldn’t you know it, right at supper time the sirens went off again and my phone informed me that there was another tornado warning. There certainly was a lot of wind and rain and darkness. Not that we’re blasé or anything, but none of us wanted to go downstairs again, so we just sat and ate our supper while the thunder crashed and the lightning flashed and the rain lashed against the windows.

Once the danger was past, I went online and saw some sad news. The church we attended for many years in Henderson, and which we are still very fond of, was seriously damaged in the storm. The massive oak tree that loomed between the two church buildings fell on the sanctuary. I loved that tree and I love that church and I hate to think of it being damaged. There was quite a bit of other damage in Henderson, I’ve heard. I hope no one was hurt.

Tomorrow’s going to be a long day, and I just remembered something I have to do yet tonight, so I think I’ll just go do it.


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