Stir-Crazy Bees

It seems like I was busy for much of the day, but I’m hard-pressed to explain what all I was doing. I know I left the house on four separate errands. This is the first day in weeks, it seems like, that it didn’t rain at all, so this morning I told Jasper that the time had come for him to get out to the hive and finish his bee business. On the weekend he got the second box on, but he hadn’t taken any frames out to inspect his bees.

So this morning he got suited up and went out there and began pulling frames, and on frame number four he found what he had been fearing to find–a queen cell. That means that the current queen will soon be leaving with a large percentage of the bees. We have been afraid the bees would swarm because we had to wait so long to add the second box because of the lack of the bee suit. So anyway, apparently the bees are going to swarm no matter what we do and we don’t have any means of catching them when they do.

Of course, some bees will remain to raise and take care of the new queen, and the hive should build itself back up over the next several weeks. The situation is a little discouraging, but the good news is that Jasper overcame his fear of working with the bees. He was so excited when he came back in the house! His friend Sam helped him and they were able to do everything that needed to be done. Jasper is actually looking forward to taking care of his bees now.

After lunch I took Jasper to his piano lesson, and as soon as I got him home I took Lucy out to buy some new flip-flops so she will stop borrowing mine! Soon after that it was time to take her to youth group, and by the time I returned home I was very tired. It’s not like I ever had a lot of stamina, but right now I have a lot less than I’m used to.

Lucy and I went on another walk this evening. I have lost all hope that it will help my diabetes in any way, but I’ve been eager to start exercising again anyway. It just would be nice if I could detect some benefits!

Quote of the Day:

Yesterday for supper I “doctored” the leftover deeper ‘n’ ever turnip & tater & beetroot pie by making a sauce from leftover ham, and adding the sauce and ham to the veggies. Jasper was very pleased, and christened the new version, “deeper ‘n’ ever turnip & tater and meatroot pie.”

One thought on “Stir-Crazy Bees

  1. You’re beginning to get back into the nonstop routine of your daily living! I am praying for sustained energy and better health for you, Linda. Even moving at 3/4 speed, I am tired after spending a day with you in your blog! So good to see a glimmer of the “old” Linda back with us.


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