Teaching Again

Last year I didn’t have enough interest to teach any summer classes, but this year is a different story. It originally looked like my Story Quest creative writing class was going to be quite large, but I ended up with just six students, which is actually a very nice class size. I have two pairs of sisters, another girl, and one boy. Half of them have been my students before, so I that makes it easy to know what to expect.

I spent the morning preparing and printing everything out. This class is probably the easiest for me to teach since I wrote the curriculum and have taught it so many times. The time passed quickly and the kids came up with a good group story.

I was pretty tired by the end, but not in a bad way. I still don’t have much stamina, but I am working on it. Lucy and I went for a walk again after supper, even though I don’t expect it to have made any impact on my blood sugar. My body seems to be stupidly unresponsive to just about everything.

I also watched some autoharp videos for inspiration. A lot of autoharp music seems to fall into the bluegrass category, which is fine, because I love bluegrass, but I also have a lot of other musical interests and I wish I could find more examples of different kinds of music being played on the autoharp. My musical tastes range from hymns to folk to classical to negro spirituals to celtic and classic rock.

We are currently trying to fight off a fruit fly invasion. They were apparently attracted by the multiple flower arrangements. Now we have thrown the flowers out, but the flies remain. I’ll be leaving out a couple of containers of apple cider vinegar and dish soap tonight.


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