Music at Last

The day after my surgery, when I was in the hospital and marginally sentient, was the day that I was supposed to finally have an autoharp lesson, after having to cancel in April. Obviously, I didn’t make it. Last week, I contacted my teacher about having a lesson, and she gave me a list of available dates, and I inadvertently told her I wanted a lesson today, when I really meant to say a week from today.

Then I was too embarrassed to admit my error, so today I drove the hour and a half to her house. She asked me if I was allowed to drive yet. (It’s been exactly two weeks since my surgery.) I have no idea. There was no mention at the hospital of me ever coming back to be checked or anything. I am seeing a doctor next week, but until then I guess I can just make up my own mind about what I can and should do.

Anyway, it was a beautiful drive after a very rainy morning during which a waterfall apparently landed on our house. My teacher lives out in the country and it is so peaceful and serene. We talked and I asked her to give me a bunch of stuff to work on and boy, did she! I have plenty to keep me occupied! I had signed up for an autoharp workshop that she has been involved with in the past, and I want to get in a lot of practice first.

By the time I got home, I was definitely pretty tired, but not excessively so. Please pray that I’ll be able to figure out what I can do to lower my blood sugar. Everything I’ve tried that has been thoroughly recommended does not seem to work at all. I don’t even know what’s going on with my blood pressure because I can’t get the machine to work. I am very motivated to improve my health but I feel like I need some proof that something is working so I can keep doing it!


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