Deeper ‘n’ Ever Turnip & Tater & Beetroot Pie

Jasper has wanted for years to have a Redwall dinner for his birthday. In case you’re not familiar with Redwall, it is a series of books written by the late Brian Jacques. The characters are all animals, and they like to have fabulous feasts, which Brian describes in great detail. Jasper particularly wanted to try the moles’ “deeper ‘n’ ever turnip & tater & beetroot pie.” So that was the big plan for today.

I got up and did the grocery shopping at Walmart this morning for the first time since my surgery. Jasper went with me. (Mary and Jordan had already left to go to their friend Joy’s graduation.) We found potatoes and turnips, but no beets.

By the time we got home, I was ready for a rest. Walter and the boys left for their yard jobs, because for once it wasn’t actually raining. I am so glad Jasper is learning to work with his dad and I know it will be a good learning experience for him, just like it was for Flynn and Spencer. However, I do miss him on Saturdays! He’s always been my weekend buddy.

This afternoon, I realized that beets were not going to materialize out of thin air, so I went to another store to buy them. My plan was to work on a couple of projects when I got home and then start on the pie for supper.

Well, when I got home, Walter and the boys were back and they had discovered an alarming development in the back yard. The bees had run out of room and appeared to be building honeycomb on the outside of the hive. It seemed possible that they were planning to swarm.

5-16-15 Hive trouble

I was so frustrated. Jasper’s bee suit should have arrived before he got the bees, but it didn’t. We have been waiting all this time. Last weekend it arrived and a friend of ours picked it up, but he hasn’t been to town since then to bring it by. I knew we had to drive to his house and get the suit ASAP so Jasper could put the second box on the hive. It was almost an hour’s drive, so there went all my plans for the afternoon.

We drove all the way over there and picked up the suit. Jasper also got a demonstration of what he needed to do with the hive when he got home. I was in a foul mood. I had really counted on having time to do stuff this afternoon. I am so far behind because of my surgery! And the two hours of driving left me feeling surprisingly sore and exhausted.

We got home and Jasper got suited up and went to work on his hive and I got Lucy to help me get to work on the pie. I was kind of adapting a recipe I had found on the internet. Mary and Jordan arrived back and Mary helped too. The pie looked pretty impressive, but by the time we put it in the oven it was late and we ended up not being able to eat until almost 8:00–and even then the veggies were not as cooked as they should be. I, of course, didn’t even get to taste it, but I got enough feedback that I think I can make an improved version next time.

 5-16-15 TTBR pie

There was also a strawberry cake with chocolate icing.

5-16-15 Jasper's cake

The kids all went out for coffee after supper, which gave me a little bit of time to practice my hymns for tomorrow.

Today was hard. It had its good moments, but it also had tears. My first bill arrived from the hospital, and it was a doozy. I couldn’t help thinking it would be better for Walter if I had just died! Then I lost my afternoon to the bee crisis, and the pie didn’t turn out as well as I had wanted, and there was a high level of noise in the house for a while, and then to cap it all off, Mary finally got my website to work, but only at the expense of my “writer” email address. It has been re-initialized, but I lost all of the emails I had received at that address–all the encouraging things that people wrote to me after reading my book. That makes me really sad. I saved those emails to read when I needed encouragement, and now they’re gone.

Parting Shot:

5-16-15 Jasper in bees suit

Jasper in his new bee suit.


One thought on “Deeper ‘n’ Ever Turnip & Tater & Beetroot Pie

  1. Great pic of Jasper! Redwall feasts are a culinary feat… We had a book with some recipes once, but lost it in the fire. We’ll have to get another one, it would be really fun to do a whole dinner. Glad Mary could get the website running again, although it’s no fun to lose emails. 😦 Oh – recipe question: do you have a special recipe for the strawberry cake, and if so, might you share it? My mum is the biggest strawberry fan, and I am sure she would love it! 🙂


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