Mother Daughter Day

When I first found out that Mary and Jordan were coming to visit, I asked her if I could have a “Mary day” while she was here–just the two of us hanging out together. She said yes. Originally, I thought we’d hang out at the lake or go to a museum or something, but thanks to my infirmity and the rainy weather, I had to lower my expectations considerably.

Since Mary is a whiz at website magic, I asked if we could go somewhere with free wifi and if she could help me get my website up and running. (Long story about the website.) We were well on our way to Starbucks when I realized that I had left behind my “blood magic” kit and my insulin. So, we stayed at Starbucks for a while and Mary tried to work her magic, only to be thwarted at every turn.

Finally we called a temporary halt and headed home so I could take care of my blood. I am so not used to the routine at this point–except when I’m at home. I had planned to take Mary to that nice little Thai restaurant downtown for a late lunch, but as we got close to it we realized the downtown was being set up for the annual arts fest, so instead we went to Jason’s Deli and had a salad. From there we went to Panera to tackle the website yet again. It seemed like we were making progress–well, like she was making progress–only to run into yet another roadblock.

So, it was a discouraging day in that my official “goal” for the day was not met. However, the unofficial goal was simply to spend time with my daughter, and I did that, and I enjoyed it very much.

We came back and had supper with the family and then Mary and Jordan took Spencer and Lucy out for coffee while Jasper and I stayed home and watched a movie. Tomorrow, I intend to perform a stupendous feat–doing the grocery shopping at Walmart in the morning. Meanwhile, Mary and Jordan will be on their way to Nacogdoches to cheer their friend Joy on as she graduates from college, and Mercy will be attending the wedding of a good friend in San Antonio.


One thought on “Mother Daughter Day

  1. You are getting back into “living” again! The ultimate test will be grocery shopping at Walmart! That wears out a strong, healthy person. The fact that you are going to try it shows how far you have come in your recovery. It won’t be long before we will be reading blogs of the exhausting, daily routines of Linda Burkin and wondering how on earth you find the stamina to do all that you do in one day!!!


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