A Belated Birthday Bash

Today I got up to make Mary a special breakfast. It was actually her fifth birthday that started our whole birthday breakfast in bed tradition. We didn’t have much money and I wanted so badly to do something special for her. At my (boarding) high school, there had been a tradition that you had to make your roommate breakfast in bed on her birthday. So I whipped up a special breakfast for little Mary and brought it to her singing.

Little did I know that in that instant an ironclad tradition was born. Flynn, who had already had his birthday that year, required a retroactive breakfast in bed just to keep things fair. Every year I create a new menu and make breakfast in bed for the offspring still living here. Now of course, Mary is not still living here, but when we learned that she would be visiting so soon after her birthday, of course we had to have a celebration.

Since she is now married, breakfast in bed would be a little weird, so I made the breakfast but she ate it at the table. She also made her own birthday dinner, since I still can’t be up and around for long periods of time. Last night she stayed up late making a gluten-free cheesecake, and today she completed the preparations for her meal of choice–a spinach salad that we all love.

5-14-15 Mary's cheesecake

One thing Mary wanted was to get her hair cut, so I ended up cutting both hers and Lucy’s hair.

I did get a few other things done, and even ran an errand on my own! This afternoon, Lina called to talk to Mary (for her birthday) and me (for Mothers Day). It was good to talk!

After our fabulous supper, we watched a movie together, which is another family birthday tradition. Traditions are good!


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