Arrows Sent Forth

Today, of course, was all about graduation. Walter was out of the house before 6:00 a.m. because today was also the university graduation, and that is a big work day for him. I was up soon after he left, and actually made my own breakfast. Aren’t you proud of me?

Mary and Mercy got up and got all fancy and went to the university graduation, while the rest of us tried to do everything that needed doing here. Spencer and his friend Daniel finally put together Spencer’s display board to have in the reception room. I got some gifts ready and then went all out and ironed my dress. After that I needed a rest!

And guess what I found when I got up from my rest? There was a Flynn in my living room! He got a flight from Colorado last night, drove from Dallas in the wee hours of the morning, and was here by midmorning. What a delightful surprise!

Eventually, we all made it up to the church, except for Walter, who still hadn’t come home from church. Despite the fact that I had all those kids with me, none of them elected to sit with me, so I was sitting by myself in the second row when my friend Kathy took pity on me and came to chat while we waited for the service to start.

Later, one of my friends brought the MC over to talk to me. They were wondering if I knew when our homeschool group had held its first graduation. Uh, yeah. We were the instigators of that particular tradition! When Lina was a senior, we asked about graduation and discovered that our group had never had one. Most of the families were still quite young. So I got the other moms of seniors together and along with our kids, we planned the very first graduation service, which took place back in 2004 with six graduates. That made today’s ceremony the twelfth–and there happened to be twelve young people graduating. Ten young men and two lovely young ladies.

You can imagine how relieved I was when Walter arrived just before the service started. Today’s graduation was, for me, one of the most emotional I’ve attended, and not just because Spencer was finally graduating. Of the twelve young people graduating, seven have been my students at some point in the last few years. Two of them (not counting Spencer) have been long-term students of mine and I honestly feel as fond of them as if they were relatives. I am so proud of all of them and so glad to have gotten to know them.

Everybody knew about my infirmity, so they had made accommodation for it during the service. When it was Spencer’s turn to receive his diploma, we met him at the base of the platform so that I wouldn’t have to climb the stairs. Everything went well and I didn’t faint or fall over or anything!

I was a little lightheaded when I made it next door to the reception, but I immediately just sat down and visited with anyone who came my way. We had missed out on the “family” photo op before the service, since Walter wasn’t there yet, so the photographer offered to shoot us during the reception. It was very windy outside, but I hope she was able to get some good photos. It’s not often we have 9 out of 10 family members here!

As things wound down at the reception, I realized I needed to come home and rest, so Flynn obligingly brought me home. The house got very loud once everyone else arrived, but it was music to my ears! My kids talking and laughing and telling stories and kidding each other–that’s real magic. Mary made us a lovely supper and it was a fun meal with a full table.

To make things even better for me, my blood sugar readings today were lower than yesterday’s, which were lower than Thursday’s. Still high, mind you, but on the way down. I am being so very careful, and I know that things will get better once I am able to be up and around more. I have no idea how I’m doing on my blood pressure because I don’t have a cuff yet, but I should be getting one by Monday or Tuesday so I can start working on that too.

After supper, the kids went out and got coffee, and after they got back they gave me a lovely camera bag for Mother’s Day–something I’ve really needed and wanted. They did it early since Mercy had to leave. She’s spending the night with a friend and helping her drive to Arizona tomorrow.

Then we hauled out our prehistoric camcorder, hooked it up to the television, and spent a hilarious couple of hours on a nostalgia trip. We watched most of Lina’s graduation, Jasper’s dedication, Flynn’s baptism, and our first Christmas in this house (13 years ago). Oh, what joy to see the kids as little ones and hear the hilarious things they said.

It’s been a wonderful day, despite my challenges, and my heart is full to overflowing. I am so blessed.

Spencer & Flynn


2 thoughts on “Arrows Sent Forth

  1. How absolutely wonderful!! I’m so happy for your full house and the great time of celebration for Spencer with family. And yayy for good news on the recovery front! It’s hard to feel like resting with family visiting, I am sure, but I know you are taking it easy, and they are taking care of you. Congratulations to Spencer, and to you as well, for a job well done!! 🙂


  2. What a blessing family is!! God is truly an awesome and good God! So glad to hear you are getting stronger and the blood sugar level is coming down. Happy Mother’s Day to a special mom to many kids. Love you, Sarah


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