A Happy Day

So, yesterday I wrote a story. It wasn’t a good story, because I didn’t have time to make it good, but it sure felt good to write it. A couple of weeks ago, I learned of a short story contest associated with a writers’ conference I plan to attend later this summer. I thought it would be a good exercise for me to submit a story, because it’s been a while since I wrote any new fiction.

I had actually started the story last week, but I don’t think what I had written was even a quarter of the total. As a matter of fact, I had kind of written myself into a corner and I needed several days to figure out how to resolve the situation. So, yesterday morning Jasper was at a friend’s house and Lucy was asleep and everyone else was gone. I got up and wrote and wrote and wrote.

Finally it was time to leave for my lunch with my friend Robin. We have both been so busy this spring that we haven’t seen each other in at least a couple of months! We had a lot of catching up to do.

After I got home, it was back to writing. My story was almost finished, by I was also at the upper limit of the word count, so I had to go back and revise and cut words wherever I could so I could finish the story. The deadline was midnight, and I got it submitted at 9:30. No time to let it sit for a few days and then go back and make it better. The quality is poor, and I don’t expect it to make it to the second round, but it just was fun to get to write for a few hours!

Lucy had been reminding me all day that I had promised to take her to the new Avengers movie on opening day. I don’t remember the “promise” part, but once my story was turned in I let her talk me into taking her to the 11:30 showing. I was so, so tired. I would have enjoyed the movie so much more if I hadn’t been struggling so hard to stay awake. We didn’t get home till 2:30!

Needless to say, it was a bit hard getting up this morning and going to the grocery store to buy the last things I needed to make corn pudding for Walter’s potluck at work today. It had to be in the roaster oven by 8:30 or so in order to be done on time. Once that was taken care of, I took my first nap of the day!

The corn pudding was a big hit and every speck was eaten. Here at home, we had a movie lunch. We watched Prince Caspian, since Jasper has just finished the book.

After my second nap of the day, Lucy and I went out to run some errands. She had this sudden obsession to make herself a pair of wings, and she needed supplies. I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

I actually worked on autoharp music today, so hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too badly in church on Sunday. I’m planning on getting to bed before 2:30 tonight.


5 thoughts on “A Happy Day

  1. Oh yes… my girls are at a late show of the Avengers movie right now…. it’s 12:43, and I thought I would be down for the count by now, but … oh well. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing it, hoping it doesn’t disappoint. I’m most interested in James Spader’s villainous voice!


  2. When I saw you as you were coming in from the grocery store this morning, you did not look like a sleep deprived authoress, chauffeur, cook, teacher,wife and mother! How do you do it?!!?!


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