Better Late Than Never

Today I got up early to make Jasper his belated birthday breakfast in bed. That meant he had to sleep in later than usual, because I was not willing to get up early enough to have his breakfast ready by 7:00!

He loved his breakfast and took his time eating it. A little later I took Lucy to the credit union to open a checking and savings account so she will be able to use a debit card when she is in Germany. She feels very grown up now.

After we were done at the credit union, I dropped Lucy off at her friend Martha’s house and then continued on to a pack-and-mail place. Flynn wanted me to ship him one of his computers that he had left in the apartment. I could not find a sturdy enough box so I had to resort to the pros. The cost was a little jaw-dropping, but I hope it will arrive safely.

This afternoon Jasper had his piano lesson. It was a beautiful day–sunny, but not too hot. I just wish I felt better! I am still battling allergies, headaches, and soreness.

Tonight Jasper is sleeping outdoors with a neighbor friend. I am hoping to hit the hay early so I can get up and write in the morning.


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