Catching Up

Yesterday, I taught my last two classes of the semester. Now all I have to do is grade several thousand papers, calculate grades, and have a nervous breakdown.

Today I finally got to do the grocery shopping I should have done on Saturday. I also did some banking, mailed some chai mix, took Lucy to Walmart, and made it to my critique group, where my latest installment was shredded even more than usual, which means more revising in my future!

After that I yawned my way through the writers’ meeting. Not because I was bored–I just was feeling tired and really struggling with some headaches. Trying to get to bed earlier tonight!

I would appreciate prayer for Mary and Jordan also. Their only vehicle broke down as they were on their way to visit friends today. After being towed to a mechanic, they were told that repairing the car would likely cost more than it is worth. They were planning to come visit us next week for Spencer’s graduation, and we were all really looking forward to it! Pray that God will lead them to the next step. They do not have much in the way of resources.


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