A Bittersweet Day

I hardly know where to start with today. We got up and started getting ready to go to Dallas. After moving to Colorado, Flynn admitted that he had actually left a bunch of stuff in his old apartment in Dallas, and that we would need to clear it out and clean it up before the lease ran out. So, he mailed us the key, and this morning we hitched up our small white trailer and set off for Dallas.

The first part was the fun part. We went to one of our favorite Indian grocery stores and I picked up most of the spices I need for chai mix, and a few other odds and ends. By then it was lunch time, and one of our favorite Indian restaurants was just up the road, so we stopped there for a fabulous lunch. Then we stopped at a second Indian store to get the last thing I needed before heading to Flynn’s apartment.

Flynn had rather understated the amount of stuff left behind, and the amount of cleaning needed to leave his apartment in good shape. We started emptying cupboards and packing boxes. I had hoped to find time to visit my aunt, but it didn’t seem possible with so much work to do. However, once we had most of the boxes packed, Walter suggested that Lucy and I go to visit my aunt while he and Jasper stayed behind to clean. The trailer had already been unhitched in order to fit in the parking lot, so Lucy and I took off.

It was an incredibly stressful drive. My phone’s GPS was more than a little confused, and it took us over an hour and a half through rush hour traffic to finally get to the nursing home. By then, my aunt was already sitting at a table waiting for her supper. I was able to visit with her for a few minutes, and this time she was able to respond to things I said to her.

We drove back through a massive thunderstorm. When we stopped to pick up some supper, we both got soaked to the skin. We ate supper in the bare apartment, waiting for the storm to blow past. It was pretty sad sitting there in Flynn’s apartment with no Flynn. The last few things were loaded and then Walter vacuumed everything one more time before loading the vacuum cleaner. We finally left a little after 9:00.

It was a long, wet drive home and when we finally got here, we found that little mouse Claudia Threefoot had died during our absence.

 Claudia 4

She was very old for a mouse–over two years old. She was pretty alert and active right up to the end. Last night when I fed her was the first time ever that she seemed a little frail to me. She was a sweet mouse and we will miss her.

Parting Shot:

 4-24-15 sky

The evening sky after the storm blew through.


One thought on “A Bittersweet Day

  1. RIP little Claudia–I wish I could have had you with me for more of your life, but you brought much joy when I was able to be with you. A mouse is truly miracle enough!


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