A Birthday, a Lunch, and an Imminent Arrival

Today (April 21) is my daughter Mary’s birthday. It’s hard to believe she is 24 already. Here is what she looked like at 5 months old:

 Mary at 5 months

And at 2 (when we were living in Zambia):

 Mary age 2

One of her earliest birthday breakfasts in bed:

 Mary breakfast in bed.

And finally, a recent photo:


Since she is coming for a visit soon, we will celebrate her birthday when she gets here. I am so proud of her for so many reasons. Can’t wait to see her!

Today I got some chai mix in the mail before heading out to meet my friend Darlene for lunch and deliver still more chai mix. We had agreed to try out the little Thai restaurant downtown. It’s actually called “Lil Thai House,” and they aren’t kidding about the “little!” It’s a tiny place with a tiny kitchen and a handful of tables.

The food was delicious–but then I’ve never had Thai food I didn’t like. I wish I had thought to whip out my phone and take a couple of photos of the kitchen, though, because then I’d have proof to show you that I was wrong about something.

One of my biggest beefs about the series Star Trek: Voyager is the unrealistic portrayal of food preparation. Refrigerators displaying one or two carefully curated items, when they’re supposedly servicing a crew of 140+, for instance. But possibly the thing that bugged me the most were the giant cauldrons bubbling over burners with foot-high flames. Nobody cooks like that, right? Higher flames don’t make the food taste better, and they’re a fire hazard on a space ship! Surely if they had fuel to zoom through space faster than the speed of light, they could come up with some sort of electric burner, right?

Well, today, in the Thai restaurant, I saw multiple stir-fry pans sitting on stove burners with massive flames. I could hardly believe my eyes. It looked very dangerous! Especially in that tiny kitchen with people trying to get past each other and cook food at a frantic pace. But the pans on the burners looked like nothing so much as a collection of Neelix’s concoctions.

We had a lovely lunch, and stayed talking until after the lunch crowd had left. After getting home, I did some other stuff and then I saw I had a message to call the man who runs the beekeeping scholarship program. I learned a very important piece of information–we’re getting our bees on Saturday! This really mucks up my plans for Saturday, but it’s not as if we can put it off.

Parting Shot:

 4-21-15 Mary's Rose

Mary’s rose. A grandparent of this rose was blooming when little Mary was born 24 years ago. When Mary and Jordan get their own place, we’ll root a cutting of this rose bush for them to plant.

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