Sunday was pretty quiet around here, though I do admit I made some pretty awesome meatloaf that was half turkey and half venison.

This morning I was busy working with Jasper on his schoolwork and preparing for my classes, when I took a break to take a shower. Then I got a text from my husband reminding me that today was the awards chapel on campus. Yikes! I had completely forgotten! I’m not crazy about going out in public with wet hair, but I didn’t even have time to use a hair dryer. Jasper and I got into the car and drove over to the chapel on campus. Mercy had been told that she should definitely attend the awards chapel.

Walter met us there and we got prime seats in the balcony. It’s a good thing we got there on time, because Mercy was the very first person called up, to receive the ‘Outstanding Theology Student” award. We are so proud of her. She works very hard to do well in school and her professors obviously appreciate it. (I did take a photo but at the moment my computer won’t let me download anything.

After chapel I waited to hug Mercy before rushing back to finish preparing for my classes. Caffeine was required. Next Monday will be my last class for this school year, and I can’t wait! I’ll get a couple of weeks off before starting my summer classes.

Quote of the Day:

As Jasper and I drove up to the chapel, Mercy was just arriving also. Was she happy to see her family coming to cheer her on and support her? Not exactly. These are her actual words to us: “Why are you here? Go away! This is embarrassing!”


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