The Mystery of the Missing Markers

I wish I could tell you that something exciting happened today, but if I did, it wouldn’t be truthful. I got the last of Lina’s boxes packed and got them all thoroughly taped and labeled. Tomorrow I can hopefully take them to the post office and get them on their way.

Lucy and I went out for a while this morning to deliver some chai mix and pick up a few items . . . like Sharpies. I needed a Sharpie to label the boxes and I could not find a single one yesterday. Not a single black Sharpie of the thousands that must be in this house by now. Whenever I get new ones, they are borrowed either overtly or stealthily and then I never see them again. I feel like I need a lockable fortress of some kind to keep my Sharpies in.

Lucy and I both did stuff to our hair today. Hers became even more colorful!

This afternoon, I took Lucy up to spend some time with a friend and then ran another errand, this time to buy mouse food for our geriatric Miss Claudia. It was two years ago this month that Lina got her while she was here on furlough, and a few months after that when Claudia had one of her feet bitten off by one of the cats, but she is still going strong!


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