A Packing Day

I had one thing on my agenda today, and that was to take care of some stuff for Lina. She had packed some boxes before she left, and she wanted them sent to go on a container, but in the intervening months she changed her mind about some of the stuff in the boxes, so I had instructions to take some stuff out and also to add some stuff in before sending off the boxes.

It is actually a pretty big job, complicated by the fact that two of the three boxes she used were not sturdy enough to be shipped. So, I had to completely unpack and repack into better boxes, keeping careful track of what items were in each box. Good thing I’m such a good packer!

Lucy and I ran some errands and I was able to get more odds and ends for Lina.

There was also more rain. I wish we could send some of this rain to California, where they really need it.

One thought on “A Packing Day

  1. Thanks so much for being willing to take care of that for me–I tried to make it as easy as possible, but sometimes what you’re thinking with the stress and sleep deprivation of a Christmas is different than calmer reflection!


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