Pain in the Morning

When the alarm went off at 6:00 this morning, I knew something was wrong. I had a monster headache sneak up on me during the night. And, like always, I thought to myself that if I could just go back to sleep, the headache would go away and I’d wake up feeling much better. I don’t know if this plan has ever worked, but I keep trying!

I did manage to go back to sleep after a while, until Lina started texting me at 7:00 a.m. I had to wake up enough to realize that the headache was worse, not better, and that going back to sleep was not going to happen. I had what used to be called a “sick” headache–where the pain is so extreme that you are in danger of vomiting at any moment. I have no idea if it was a migraine or not, because I am very hazy on what constitutes a migraine.

Anyway, I got up, took some meds, had some tea, and then collapsed on the couch. There was no way I was up to driving to the other side of town to buy chai mix ingredients. After another round of meds and a long shower, I was still woozy but I was also standing upright so I went ahead and ran my errand, now that I had lost the entire morning to the stupid headache. In addition to buying the chai supplies I also picked up a few things on sale at the fabric store for a special project which I will identify only if I actually get it done.

After I returned home early in the afternoon, I took some more meds and had some caffeine and eventually I just felt lousy in the way I normally do in pollen season. This experience got me thinking though. This morning’s headache was the worst I have had in a long, long time, but there was a time when I had a headache like this at least once a week, and often twice a week. Going gluten free made the headaches go away, and now when I have a very severe headache like that I can usually trace it back to a gluten goof-up. This one was no different. Once the pain had receded enough for me to actually be capable of thought, I remembered that I had mindlessly grabbed a snack that had gluten in it yesterday afternoon when I was hungry. I wasn’t being intentionally rebellious–even after all these years I still sometimes just have a brain fade and do something stupid.

Jasper had his piano lesson this afternoon, and when we returned our sweet friend Sarah was waiting on our doorstep. She had come to drop off checks for Lucy’s and Mercy’s mission trips, and also to buy some chai mix. She came in to visit for a while and it was so nice to catch up with her. She is a dear sweet lady who has been so kind to our family.

Since then I’ve picked and chorded hymns to play on Sunday, cut something out, done some sewing and graded a bunch of papers. Once again, it is way too late and I need my sleep.

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