In Real Life, There is No Music

In the movies, you know that something bad is going to happen because of the sinister or sad music that plays ever louder before the event occurs. In real life, there is no warning. No melancholy thread of melody running through your head when you wake up. No crescendo to warn you that you are about to be engulfed in a personal tragedy. There’s just that phone call that comes without warning, the one that we all dread getting–the one that screams into our souls that life will never be the same again.

A family in our local homeschool community got that call today. Their nineteen-year-old daughter was killed in a head-on collision late this morning. Our kids are reeling from the shock. When I told Spencer, his first reaction was, “No. That’s not true. It can’t be true.” But of course, it is true. This family had just bought a historic business in our town and have been building it back up. I can’t even imagine what they are feeling right now.  Please pray for them over the next few days if you think of it. It is rather traumatic for all the homeschool families who have known this family over the years.

We did have Easter at this house, of course. Mercy and Spencer went to two different sunrise services, leaving only four of us at the table for our fabulous Easter breakfast. Then we went to church, where I flubbed the playing of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” at the very end where I really wanted it to sound great. *sigh* Maybe the violin kind of drowned me out. I hope so.

During the afternoon we called Flynn and just passed the phone around for two hours until everyone had a chance to talk to him. Then Jon and Jonnie came over to join us for our big dinner. I tried a “rub” and glaze recipe that I found on the internet to jazz up our ham and it was pretty good, as was the pavlova for dessert.

Today I had two classes to prepare for and teach. I got Lucy to package up the chai mix I made yesterday and most of it is already spoken for! I may have to make it more than once a week to keep up with demand.

I also went through some clothes and added to my “giveaway” bag. My new policy is that every time I acquire a new article of clothing, I must get rid of two similar garments, at least until I am left with only clothes that I love and wear. I plan to do the same thing with books. Gonna be a l-o-n-g time before I even feel the pain of getting rid of books!

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