Lunar Eclipse and Easter Preparations

This morning I was up early to get ready to go to Walmart, but I was also hoping to get a glimpse of the eclipse. It was about half an hour before “totality” so I looked out the window, and sure enough there was a little sliver of a moon. I rousted Jasper out of bed and we went out into the yard to watch the moon. It was already getting light in advance of the sunrise, but the moon was still very clear and visible in the western sky.

 4-4-15 eclipse

Since it was still a good 20 minutes before totality, we came inside so I could print out my shopping list. Then I thought there was no reason Jasper couldn’t stay outside to watch the eclipse, so almost immediately I sent him back out, only to have him return saying the moon had already set! How rude! I double checked to make sure the moon was really gone, and it was. I sure am glad we went out when we did!

Today was an absolutely glorious spring day, of the type that are only too rare in our neck of the woods. It was cool in the morning, and sunny, warm and breezy in the afternoon with relatively low humidity. Lucy and I took off on a mission and enjoyed driving with the windows down and the scent of the wisteria blooms wafting into the car, seeing as how all the other wisterias in town are blooming lavishly at the moment.

We were looking for a nice top for Lucy to wear to church tomorrow that would also be suitable for her trip to Germany, and we actually found two that will be nice. I may have picked up something for myself as well. We had a bit of a laugh as we were waiting to check out and realized that we had four garments in our cart, and the colors represented were: black, gray, and white. That’s it. I didn’t realize we were quite so monochromatic!

After that we came home and boiled and dyed three dozen Easter eggs. I feel fairly certain that even after all my kids leave home, and even if on one is coming for Easter, I will still color a few eggs.

 4-4-15 coloring eggs

It’s such a fun and stress-free artistic outlet. The kids and I all did some eggs, and even Kat got to do a couple.

 4-4-15 colored eggs

I really enjoy doing this every year, and the kids do too, even the ones that start off grumbling about having to do it!

I also spent some time grading, practicing my autoharp, and tuning it. Lucy helped me assemble the casserole for breakfast tomorrow. Now I’m up late waiting for tomorrow’s hot cross buns to come out of the oven so I can go to bed!


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