A Tragedy and Hot Cross Buns

Since today is Good Friday, and since half the members of this household are associated with a Christian institution, they all had the day off, so we all slept in this morning. Thanks to my allergies, I had a very slow start even after I got up. Lucy and Mercy had both made plans to have lunch with friends, so they were both gone by late morning.

At lunchtime, I went outside to check on my wisteria bud. I walked right up to Miss Wisteria and stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that something was wrong. The bud was gone. It wasn’t hanging there all wilted. It wasn’t lying on the ground. It was just . . . gone. I know it sounds silly, but I burst into tears. More than a decade of waiting for that vine to bloom, my patience finally rewarded, and then–disaster. I have no idea what happened, but I’m in mourning.

After lunch, of course, in mourning or not, I had to get the dough started for the hot cross buns. It is an ironclad tradition of ours to have hot cross buns on Good Friday and Easter.

Eventually, Mercy and Lucy returned and we had a late Good Friday tea with the hot cross buns, which turned out very well. I always get out my Easter Bunny teapot and sugar and creamer, which we have been using every Easter for about 20 years. I missed having the whole family around the table, but enjoyed the nice break for tea.

Then we found out via Facebook that Mary and Jordan experienced some very severe weather this afternoon. They had to shelter in their bathroom and had some big trees come down in their back yard. Mary was interviewed by a local TV station and we were able to see the interview on the station’s live newsfeed! I’m so glad no one was hurt.

Tomorrow I’ll make a second batch of buns for Sunday and hopefully get a lot of grading done. I’m hoping Jasper and I will also get a glimpse of the eclipse when we head out to Walmart.

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