Haircuts & Hay Fever

I failed to mention last night that I actually cut two heads of hair in the evening. Jasper has been begging for his “summer haircut” for at least a month, and I kept telling him he had to wait until April, so, I had to keep my word.

 4-2-15 Jasper after haircut

Spencer had also been begging me to trim his hair. I hate doing Spencer’s hair. He has that braid I have to avoid, and he wants his hair in a “style.”  I am not a stylist, but he can’t afford to pay someone who IS a stylist, so I had to do it.

Today was my last Thursday “off” before the end of the school year. I had big plans, but didn’t follow through because of continuing pollen storm going on outside. I can’t take anything for my hay fever because it would likely have a negative effect on my blood pressure, so I’m pretty much a prisoner in the house.

What I did do was practice my autoharp and a little cleaning and reading and knitting. I may also have gone out to visit Miss Wisteria and check on the flower bud two or three times. It’s still there.

I got the packet of tomato seeds I’ve been waiting for so I guess it’s about time to plant! I am hoping to be more successful grown black tomatoes again this year.

Parting Shot: Throwback Thursday

Here is a photo of my youngest brother as a teenager:

 Greg in middle school

And here is a photo of Jasper yesterday before his haircut:

 4-1-15 Jasper

I think there is a definite family resemblance. Even the lopsided smile!

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