Chai Party Day

Like most days, today had its ups and downs. Lucy came with me to Walmart this morning and helped with the chai party shopping. Then, after coming home and putting away food, we left again for another errand as we both had some things we needed at the drug store.

By the time we returned home again, the guys were all out working and my poor arthritic ankles and knees were in agony. John came over to help Mercy with the cleaning and Lucy did the baking, while I took pain meds and a nap.

I didn’t get to sewing, but I did get some other stuff done. I had to spend a fair amount of time practicing because one of the hymns I’m playing tomorrow is quite challenging to play. Well, at least for a greenhorn like me.

This is the first sunny weekend we’ve had, and the first that Walter was able to work at the lake properties. He took both boys with him as he knew it would be a lot of work. After that they still had to mow the jungle-like lawn at the church.

One of the things I did was to make a massive batch of my special spiced chai mix and package up to sell at the chai party as a fundraiser for Lucy’s mission trip. Lucy also baked cakes in mugs to sell. (We have a seemingly infinite supply of mugs.) There weren’t many takers at first, but we did end up selling several bags of chai mix and mugs. And of course the rest of the chai mix will keep until Lucy and Emma finally have their garage sale.


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