Germany or Bust!

I thought I’d share this here since I know there are people who will be interested and who aren’t on Facebook. I believe I’ve mentioned that three of the four offspring who are currently living at home are planning to go on mission trips this summer. Today I am focusing on Lucy, since she is most limited in her efforts to raise money for her trip to Frankfurt, Germany this summer.

She and her friend Emma will be going for three weeks to work with a church in Frankfurt. They will be helping as needed with church programs but as yet the pastor hasn’t given them many details except that they might be involved in teaching conversational English. I know Lucy is hoping they will also have a chance to be involved with homeless and disadvantaged people, because that’s where her heart is.

One of the things the girls are doing to raise money is having a garage sale this weekend, so if you’re local and have anything to contribute, they’d be very grateful! The sale will be on Friday and Saturday.

Lucy has also designed a T-Shirt which she is selling as a fundraiser, but it only will be produced if there are enough orders.

 Germany shirt

You can check it out here:

We are getting shirts for our family because we are proud of our German heritage! Some of you may not know that Walter’s paternal grandparents were German missionaries to China. His dad, born and raised in China, came to seminary here in the USA and returned to Germany with his American wife, where they served as missionaries at a Bible School until their semi-retirement. Walter, obviously grew up in Germany and went through the German school system. So we are all thrilled that Lucy felt drawn to serve in Germany this summer.

She does have a site where people can contribute directly to her trip, and that link is here:

She is also offering her services for odd jobs from cleaning to babysitting so she can earn more money for her trip. She doesn’t have transportation, but if you want to hire her I’m sure we can work something out!


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