In Which I am an Old Sew and Sew

Today was a long but good day. I got up early, took a shower, had breakfast, and set off for my friend Angela’s house, with a stop to get gas on the way. There was a lot of on-again off-again raining as I drove the 40 minutes to get there. Angela was waiting for me, so we were soon on the road again.

We stopped at the house to pick up Jasper and load up my iron and ironing board and a lot of other sewing-related stuff. Then it was off to the extension office to help my friend Tammie set up for our big 4-H sewing day to make dresses for an orphanage in Zambia. I had asked Angela to help because I knew I would have to be away for a while and I wanted to make sure there were at least two competent seamstresses there at all times. Jasper came with us because he wanted to sew a pair of shorts for an African boy.

We had 5 sewing machines, 3 rotary cutting mats, 2 irons, and 2 ironing boards. We had patterns, fabric, thread, scissors and pins. A mother and daughter arrived almost as soon as we set up, and I got them busy cutting out a dress. More people came. Angela helped Jasper cut out some shorts and I sat with him and got him going on the sewing.

3-20-15 Jasper sewing

We had a quick lunch and then Jasper and I had to leave and pick up Lucy so we could go to the regular teen get-together, which I had been signed up to help chaperone. I stayed for half of it, but I felt so bad leaving the sewing party that I asked permission to leave and go back. Jasper didn’t want to get stuck there all afternoon, so I dropped him off at the house, with the understanding that he will finish his shorts at home.

The afternoon was very busy, as we had an influx of girls wanting to sew after school. One girl in particular cracked me up. She was rather young to do any serious sewing, but that didn’t stop her from commandeering a machine and whipping up something with a scrap of fabric. She talked to herself constantly. She resisted all efforts to steer her in the direction of actual productivity. She just cheerfully did her own thing.

3-20-15 row of sewers

I’m not sure how many dresses were finished. There are certainly several that are almost done, and I can easily finish them myself. I am so thankful for everyone who came out and worked to get some dresses made. Angela says she thinks that three of the girls who came today left with a new interest in sewing–a wonderful bonus!

3-20-15 Tammie & friend

3-20-15 Angela and friend

By the time 6:00 rolled around, we were pretty exhausted and ready to pack up and come home. Angela stayed for supper and we finally got a chance to visit a little bit before her husband came to pick her up. I’m so glad she came today. Her help was invaluable, and I was also thrilled just to get to see her!

Tomorrow promises to be another exhausting day. And Flynn is moving without our help–I have a previous commitment for tomorrow and were weren’t able to borrow a car for the rest of the family to drive to Dallas and help Flynn load his truck. Thankfully he does have a couple of friends who are helping out.


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