3-17-15 lake 4

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. It was also the first warm sunny day that we didn’t have other commitments and could actually go to the lake for lake school. It went pretty well, except for the “school” part. We got a late start, and I had to go buy dog food and picnic supplies first, but we eventually got on our way to the lake.

It was a glorious spring day. The sun was shining, the temperature was hovering around 80°, and there were lovely light breezes blowing. We were curious to see how high the lake level was after all the rain we’ve had. The answer was “pretty high.” The picnic tables, which are normally separated from the water by a wide swathe of beach, are just one big step away from the lakeshore now.

 3-17-15 lake 1

3-17-15 lake 2

We had the place to ourselves, as usual. A couple of other people came, but soon left when they saw how high the water was. We ate lunch, and after that we were all supposed to do some reading for school, but I’m afraid we failed at that. Lucy lay down in the sun and found out the ground was soggier than it looked. Jasper spent some time resting in the car. I put my feet up and dozed blissfully in the shade, with the breeze blowing past and the water lapping almost at my feet. I love to just sit out there and let the peace seep into my soul.

3-17-15 lake 3

The water was not really swimmable, and Lucy can’t swim anyway because of her recent piercing, so the most exciting thing that happened was Lucy and Jasper having a contest to see who could drink a cup of water first–without using their hands. Lucy won on a technicality.

I started a new (huge) knitting project that will be my new “Video Knitting” project because it is easy and doesn’t take a massive amount of focus. As we were getting ready to leave, we heard a lot of splashing and saw something very large thrashing in the water. We don’t know what it was. If it was a fish, it was BIG.

On the way home, we stopped to pick up corned beef and cabbage for supper. It was delicious. Then we waited for Mercy to come home and join us for the annual ritual St. Patrick’s day viewing of the original Riverdance. We have been watching that VHS tape every year on St. Patrick’s day for at least 15 years! It was a great way to end the day. Maybe we didn’t get school done, but sometimes you need a day in the sun, especially after so much rain.


One thought on “Peace

  1. Wow–I don’t know when the last time I saw the water that high was! How I wish I could have joined you; I sorely miss lake days. Beth and I are talking about having a ‘cottage day’ this holiday, but it won’t be the same. I was listening to Riverdance yesterday–good memories!


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