Falling Short

One thing about this week that I haven’t gone into any detail about is the fact that I have been taking multiple new supplements for multiple health issues, and as a result I’ve been feeling far from my best. Apparently you have to suffer before you start feeling better! So yesterday was rough, and today was rougher, but now that it’s just about over I feel a little better.

I only tell you this to explain why I have been so unproductive. I did go to Walmart this morning, in the rain, but had to go right back to bed when I returned. In the afternoon I had improved enough to run an errand with Lucy, which resulted in the exact right color and size of beads I was looking for. It only took going to 3 places!

I did practice my autoharp and finish my knitting project. Now I just have to figure out how to block it properly. By the time I get that done, it will almost certainly be too warm to wear it until the fall. Speaking of weather, I don’t think we’ve seen the sun since last weekend.

I’ve started preparing for my classes on Monday but I am woefully behind.

Jasper was actually supposed to have his first beekeeping class today, but the teacher was sick so we stayed home. I would have taken him if I had to, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.

This evening I had to cook and “pick” chicken for our dinner tomorrow. I successfully burned my fingers but I just didn’t want to stay up any later!

Oops. I just now realized I didn’t remember to tune my autoharp. Too late now . . .



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