A Rainy Day & A Blue Daughter

There is So. Much. Water. In our neck of the woods. It rained all day yesterday, all night last night, and all day today. Not exactly ideal Spring Break weather.

Yesterday was a very soggy and quiet Sunday. We started with 9 people in church and ended with 6! I hope it wasn’t my playing that drove them away. . .  Mercy, of course, is out of town and Spencer had dinner at Kat’s house, so it was only four of us for Sunday dinner–and after I splurged on a beef roast! We only do that maybe twice a year, so it was a big treat.

Today I had promised to take Lucy to Walmart in the morning, so off we went in the pouring rain. She was buying hair dye, and I was getting cat litter. So glamorous.

Shortly after returning from Walmart, I took off to meet my friend Kathy for lunch again. I had lunch with her a couple of weeks ago to discuss some of my health issues. Kathy is a health coach and she felt she might be able to help me. Today was our follow-up meeting to discuss her findings and then put me on a schedule of supplements to deal with some of my problems. I will see how the treatment goes and keep you posted on the results!

I had less than an hour at home after lunch before taking Jasper to the 4-H meeting still in the pouring rain. Our speaker today was so interesting! He is heading up a new program at the university–drones. Students will be able to get degrees in flying, fixing, and creating the electronics for unmanned vehicles including helicopters, planes, wheeled vehicles, and boats or submarines. It was so fascinating!

When the meeting ended, I left Jasper there to go home with my friend Tammy and her son Sam. Sam and Jasper are the co-leaders of the robotics club, and the kits just arrived! Jasper is spending the night there so he and Sam will have time to go through all the kits and come up with a plan for Thursday’s meeting.

I arrived home to find a blue Lucy. Not sad, just blue. Her hair is a dark bluish-black. Her feet and hands are blue. Her neck is blue. The kids’ bathroom is also blue. Blue, blue, blue. Lucy is very happy with her hair.

Since Spencer went to spend the evening with Kat, it was just Walter and Lucy and me here at home tonight. Weird! We watched an action movie and I got quite a bit of knitting done. My design-on-the-fly project is turning out better than I deserve and I hope to finish it within the next couple of days. I have another project waiting in the wings and I want to get busy on it.

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