Spring At Last?

Today started off cold, but by this afternoon it was shirt-sleeve weather, at least for me. Lucy came to Walmart with me for a change. Mercy and her boyfriend left for Dallas mid-morning–she to spend a few days with Flynn (it’s spring break) and he to stay with a friend.

I got Spencer to pose with Rudy so you can see how big he’s getting.

3-7-15 Rudy and Spencer

Now if only he’d stop whining and barking when we are trying to sleep!

This afternoon Jasper and I decided to go to the pond on campus and feed the ducks, just for something to do. At first we didn’t see any ducks, and were dismayed to see that the pond has been drained again. We did eventually find three ducks at the far end, and they were quite interested in the buns that Jasper had brought to feed them.

3-7-15 Jasper and ducks

Since we were there anyway, we also did some exploring around the once-lovely Twilight Vale, which is now primarily a dumping ground.

3-7-15 Twilight Vale

Jasper even found some red fish in one of the puddles.

3-7-15 Jasper in castle ruins

We saw several dandelions, and a heron flew past quite close, but I was unable to get a photo until it was too far away.

I also got quite a bit of autoharp practice in today, and some knitting and reading. I’m not real happy about losing an hour of sleep tonight!


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