Is It Too Late to Start Building an Ark?

Seriously. I love rain. I really, really do. But enough is enough. We have had so much precipitation in the last couple of weeks. There is standing water everywhere, and it’s still coming down with more to come! Today’s rain is supposed to change to ice overnight and then to snow. Oh, yippee. Area schools have already canceled for tomorrow. I won’t make a call on my class until mid-morning tomorrow, which means I need to be ready just in case. Did Texas move farther north when I had my back turned?

This morning Mercy was inducted into the Theology honor society at the university. They have just started their own chapter, so Mercy is a charter member. Way to go, Mercy!

Today I was mostly a chauffeur. I took Jasper to piano, ran an errand, picked Jasper up from piano, came home, took Spencer to worship band practice, came home, started supper, took Lucy to youth group, came home, ate supper, picked Lucy up from youth group, and ran another errand before coming home again! Thank goodness Mercy has offered to go pick Spencer up if he needs it. Hopefully, before the freezing precipitation starts!

Parting Shot (I have a couple of good ones for you today.):

3-1-14 Spencer playing guitar

Spencer does not conform to musician norms while playing the guitar.

3-4-15 Mal in a bag

I left a paper sack lying around today, and someone found it. Then she got herself all freaked out for no reason at all and leapt out of the bag and starting tearing all over the house.


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