A Musical Afternoon

I promise, I am not slacking off on my blogging. Well, not much. Yesterday, our internet was sporadic at best and in fact every time I tried to use it I failed. Flynn says our house is a modem killer and I’m beginning to believe it!

The main thing that happened yesterday was that I got to go have an autoharp lesson. I left in beautiful sunny spring weather and a temperature of 71°. As I got closer to my teacher’s house, it got cloudier and a little cooler and it began to drizzle. It was still a lovely drive.

I am working on my first couple of “special number” arrangements. I have no idea if I’ll ever have a chance to play a “special number” but I’m working on them anyway just for my own pleasure. My teacher helped me figure out a tricky sequence that I don’t have sheet music for. We just played it over and over on my Kindle and eventually she was able to get it all chorded.

I am excited about getting to work on a couple of pieces and really getting good at them. My routine of having to learn two new hymns a week means that I don’t ever get to really perfect anything.

I came home to a house with no internet and no phone. Bummer.


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