Goodbye, Mr. Spock

Along with the rest of all geekdom, we were sad to hear the news that Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning. I’ve been a fan since 1982, my husband since several years earlier.

This morning I had to take Jasper shopping for a birthday present for his friend Kristin, and then come back to start getting ready for our sewing session at the church for the orphanage. Just a couple of hours before we were due to be there, the lady that organized it said that she and her daughter would be unable to come due to a death in the family. Another family couldn’t make it because of a flat tire. That left only one other person besides me, so I cancelled the sewing. We’ll have to reschedule!

After taking Jasper up to Kristin’s birthday party, Lucy and I went out for a drink just to be out of the house after this week of ice and snow. We also picked up some calendars on sale because we LOVE calendars in this family.

I also got some knitting and critiquing done. Then, when Walter returned home from his second job and had his supper, we honored the memory of Leonard Nimoy by watching two of our favorite Star Trek episodes–City on the Edge of Forever and Requiem for Methuselah. Tomorrow, we’ve got a chai party to get ready for.


One thought on “Goodbye, Mr. Spock

  1. I was really sorry to hear that too–no more double Spooks! I was watching City on the Edge of Forever on the plane, but we landed before I could finish it; so frustrating!


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