Melting & Knitting

Today I finally got to teach another class! After being sick last week and having snow this week, I was ready to see my students again. First, of course, I had the preparation to do. My husband got up at went to work at the normal time (6:45), only to get there and find out that the university was closed until 11:00! So he had yet another morning off.

The dripping of melting snow went on all day, to the point where it sounded like rain. And, wonder of wonders, a shining yellow ball appeared in the sky today! I had almost forgotten what that was like!

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting in every spare minute. I am finally working on a project I enjoy and with yarn that I love and I’m trying to knit fast enough to finish it before the weather warms. I hope it turns out all right, seeing that I’m totally making it up as I go along.

We learned a lot about Queen Victoria in class today. Strange woman.

I was going to do some sewing tonight, but instead I ended up cutting hair, talking to Mary on the phone, and knitting! Oh well . . .

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