Home at Last!

Today started, as most Saturdays do, with a trip to Walmart to buy groceries. Jasper also needed shoes and sandals. His last pair of sandals broke within a fortnight and his sneakers were literally hanging in shreds from his feet. That kid is very, very hard on footwear.

I am still having some serious stomach issues, which is kind of discouraging. I didn’t feel well at all when I left this afternoon for Dallas. Fortunately, I did perk up a little bit as I drove along. Thanks to a traffic delay, Walter was already out and waiting for me when I drove up to the gate.

We stopped for supper on the way home (after which: much tummy pain) and were very glad to finally get here. Poor Walter had to go right to work on the water heater, which is not a fun job at the best of times, but especially not after traveling for several hours! I am willing to stay up late to get a hot shower though . . .

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