On the Mend

I had a much better night’s sleep last night and a better beginning to the day as a result. I was far from full strength, but I knew the worst was over. While trying to decide whether or not to have my class, I did some research and discovered that I am most likely still contagious. Also, by the time I found that out I was already beginning to tire and realized I would never make it through an afternoon of teaching. So, no class.

Lucy and her friends slept in quite late after last night’s painting party. Lucy has been wanting to paint the stairwell that leads to her room for some time now. This is the stairwell that once hosted Mary’s one-of-a-kind Lord of the Rings gallery. The gallery is now gone, but the marks it left behind made already-dingy walls even more unsightly. I figured if Lucy was gung-ho to do it, and she had friends to help her, why not?

That was only Phase One of her plan however. Phase Two involved painting her bedroom also. This room has not been painted since we moved in 13 years ago, and is long overdue for an upgrade. She picked a light bluish aqua color for the walls and a darker shade for the trim.

I can’t show you photos because nothing is actually finished yet. The stairwell needs more work, though it already looks so much better than it did, and the bedroom also is not finished yet. I’m hoping it will all be done before Walter gets home!

Since today was my recovery day, I was up and down a lot. I’d get up and feel pretty good, only to head back to bed after an hour or so. I guess I needed the rest. I also boiled 4 gallons of water so I could wash a bunch of dishes, and then went out and bought Styrofoam plates and bowls to use until we get our hot water back!

Then I heated up 6 gallons of water so I could have a very skimpy lukewarm bath. It felt good to be clean! Tomorrow I may take one of my neighbors up on the offer for a hot shower.

I’ve tried to do some stuff online but my internet has been so bad today I don’t even know if I’ll be able to post this!

Also, Mary posted about today being the 8-year anniversary of the night she first met and fell for her husband, Jordan. That was a very memorable night. I drove a whole van full of kids over to meet Jordan, who was on tour with his choir. I drove home with a smitten Mary in the van and the rest, as they say, was history!

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