Last week, in the days before my weekend foray to Dallas, I was frantically trying to finish a knitting project–a knitting project that I started three years ago and which has added much stress and removed much joy from my life.

Three years ago, when we were in Atlanta after attending a family wedding, Flynn took me to Jo-Ann Fabric so I could spend a gift card. I’m kind of hazy on what exactly happened, but somehow I ended up walking out with four massive skeins of tonal red bouclé yarn and a promise to make Flynn an afghan with them–for his birthday in April of 2012.

If you’re not a fiber fiend like me, you are probably wondering what bouclé yarn is. It is a fuzzy invention from the pit of hell, sent into the world to goad mild-mannered middle-aged ladies into using or at least thinking of using unladylike language. It’s even less fun when you have to knit two strands together and try to keep the color changes more or less in sync.

2-16-15 Flynn's afghan 2

So, I would knit a few rows and then let the thing languish for months. After a while, it began eating at my soul. There it was, unfinished, mocking me from its basket month after month. I knew the time had come to just grit my teeth and get the job done, so I’ve been working pretty steadily on it the last few weeks. Since I knew I’d be seeing Flynn this past weekend anyway, that gave me a good deadline to work towards.

2-16-15 Flynn's afghan 1

Flynn seemed happy to get it at last. I’m pretty sure I’m even happier to be rid of it! Now at last I get to knit something fun without feeling guilty about it!

Yesterday I had to play in church after having almost no practice but it didn’t go as badly as I expected. I was expecting a pretty full table for supper and I made plenty of food, but it ended up being just Spencer, Jasper and me. I can’t even remember the last time we only had three people at the table for Sunday dinner!

Today I got up early to start preparing for my classes. The work I normally do on Saturday had to be done this morning. Caffeine was required. My first class was down by two students but all of my essay students showed up for class on President’s day!

Afterwards I got to talk on the phone to both Walter and my mom, and now I’ve got to get in some practice before my lesson tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Congratulations on getting the project over with! I know Flynn will enjoy it, and you’ll never be sucked into bouclé again! What are you going to cast on now?


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