Two Out of Three

I had three goals yesterday: Get Walter to the airport, spend time with Flynn, and encourage my Aunt Marcia with a visit to her new place.

After our late night, we left home a little later than planned. We had arranged to meet Flynn at one of our favorite Indian restaurants for an early lunch before continuing on to the airport. Although we were running quite a bit behind schedule, it ended up not mattering since Flynn got held up in traffic and actually arrived at the restaurant a few minutes after us.

The restaurant is our favorite kind: a hole-in-the-wall place that is not at all fancy but where the food is sublime. I had some fantastic butter chicken and Walter and Flynn both had excellent choices as well. We couldn’t linger over our meal, obviously, because we still had to get to the airport.

Walter was driving as we pulled up to the gate, and his first thought was that we’d just go park and then walk with his luggage to the gate so that I’d know where the car was. I thought it would be better for him to get out with his luggage and then I could go park the car. It was a good choice, because I thought I’d never find a parking space! I had to go all the way up to level “K” which was the highest rooftop level, in order to find a single free space. (Flynn apparently snagged the last one on a lower level.)

We had some time to visit in the airport before it was time for Walter to go through security and for us to say goodbye. Then I had a little disagreement with Delilah (my GPS) on the way to Flynn’s place, and it turned out she was right for a change, so it took me longer than it should have to get there.

Flynn was kind enough to take me to the nursing home to visit my aunt in the afternoon. I hadn’t been to see her since the end of last summer, because she had been moved when I tried to see her in the fall. I had heard that she no longer recognized anyone, so I took my autoharp in hopes of playing some hymns for her.

The new nursing home is very nice and the staff was very kind and helpful. However, my aunt did not seem able to enjoy my visit, even as an autoharp-playing stranger. We did not stay for very long. That was discouraging. I had really hoped to brighten her day a little.

Back at Flynn’s place we watched a movie that I had brought, knowing that Flynn would probably enjoy it (neither of us had seen it). We share a very similar sense of humor, and there are some things that I know no one in the family would like except for me and Flynn and Lina. We did enjoy it.

Then, we were going to go out for supper until we remembered that it was Valentine’s Day and all the restaurants would be full. Instead we had sushi delivered and enjoyed watching something else before I left for home a lot later than I had intended!

It was an uneventful drive home and almost midnight when I got here. Then I had to wait for the kids to finish watching a movie before I could finally get some practice in!


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