The Almost Perfect Mug

I have been drinking (hot) tea for almost 50 years now, and during that time I’ve come to have a pretty entrenched opinion about what makes a good mug–for me, at least. Now, we are not talking about tea cups here. I have a very satisfactory collection of china tea cups and of course, that is the most elegant and civilized way to savor the sublime beverage that is black tea.

However, I confess that I rarely take the time to make tea in a pot and get out the china tea cups unless I am having a friend over. Most days, I drink my tea from a mug. I used to think a 12 ounce mug was a reasonable size. Of course, I also drank 5-6 mugs of tea a day back then. Now I only drink 3 mugs of tea a day–but the mugs are bigger!

So, what makes a mug “perfect” for me?
• Size: it has to hold 20 ounces
• Handle: the handle must be large and sturdy because 20 ounces of tea is heavy and because my fingers are big.
• Shape: ideally it should be tallish but still have a rounded belly to keep the tea warm for longer. It’s nice if the walls and bottom of the mug are relatively thick to hold in heat also.
• Rim: the rim should flare out and it should be thin. I hate thick-rimmed mugs, even though I know they are more durable.
• Color: if all the other qualifications are met, then my top color choice would be some lovely swirled combination of blue and green and/or purple. Color is my least important consideration. That said, you’ll never find me picking a yellow, orange, or brown mug!

So, my new mug arrived today. Right away I was concerned because the box felt too light. I unpacked the very well-packaged mug and got my first look.

2-12-15 new mug

It looked too small, and I was really disappointed because I had specifically looked for a 20 ounce mug. I filled it with water and poured the water into a mug that I knew would hold 20 ounces. Guess what? Looks can be deceiving. The new mug does indeed hold 20 ounces. That’s the beauty of the round belly. Here you can see a comparison for yourself:

2-12-15 mug comparison

So is the new mug perfect? It’s really, really close. It even has a fairly thin flared rim, which I love so much but is hard to find. My only complaints are that I’d like the handle to be a little more substantial and the bottom to be a little thicker/heavier, but those complaints are miniscule, really. I LOVE this mug. The handle is so comfortable and the shape is perfect. I hope it lasts me for years. Although it says it is dishwasher and microwave safe, I will never use it in either of those devices.

Now, what I want to know is first of all, do you regularly drink a hot beverage, and if so, what is it? And what features make a mug good for you?


4 thoughts on “The Almost Perfect Mug

  1. My perfect mug is my “Nuns Gone Wild” mug. It holds about 16 Oz of coffee or hot tea. Tall and sort of slim, the handle isn’t too bulky for my arthritic fingers to hold; also the handle is wide enough out from the mug for me to slip my hand through and cup it around the mug (for times when my fingers don’t work well). I so live your blogs! You made me think with this one!! B)

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