In Which a Delicious Dessert is Rejected

Today was a school day, but it was also the day for the homeschool lunch at the church where Lucy goes to youth group. The theme was “Italian” so I had said I’d bring spaghetti and a dessert. My spaghetti sauce is very good, so I got that going first thing this morning.

I had a kind of vague idea of doing something pizza themed for the dessert. I looked around my kitchen and came up with the plan. I made a cookie crust in a pizza pan, added a cream cheese layer and other topping to make it look like pizza. I forgot to take a photo of it when it really did look very pizza-like, but here’s what it looked like after some was eaten:

2-10-15 cookie pizza

And yes, I have added this recipe to my recipe page. (Click on the Recipes link on the bar at the top of the page.)
The lunch went well. I had been really looking forward to seeing my friend Robin, but she wasn’t able to be there. However, my friend Brenda, whom I hadn’t seen in ages, was there so I got a chance to catch up with her.

Sadly, none of the kids for whom I had designed the dessert actually wanted any. They all ran off to play. The other moms dutifully had servings of the dessert and at least claimed to like it! My own kids liked it a LOT.

Several people commented on how good the spaghetti sauce was, which led to an amusing conversation on the way home. Lucy said that she felt she should take credit for how good the sauce was. I didn’t see why since I made the sauce myself and just asked her to brown and add the meat and onions. Well, it seems when she went to add the meat and onions, the sauce didn’t look seasoned to her. So she seasoned it liberally–just like I had already done! So, the sauce was double-seasoned and extra delicious, apparently!

Lucy and I spent the afternoon running various errands. It was good to get them all done in one afternoon so I don’t have to make multiple trips.


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