Finally! A Finished Thing!

After yet another horrendous night, I found it easier than I expected to drag myself out of bed this morning. Maybe it was because there was a very whiny puppy in the yard near my window!

Then I went to the kitchen to make my tea and when I poured the boiling water into my favorite big mug it cracked from top to bottom! It had already chipped but I still used it daily and now it’s gone. I have become rather picky about mugs, so I did some searching online before coming up with one that I think I can be happy with.

Anyone who’s been in my kitchen is cracking up right now because you know we have well over 100 mugs and they are taking over the house!

My job this morning (in addition to getting Jasper started on his new math book) was to finally put the finishing touches on my first little Africa dress. With all the sickness and other stuff going on, I had never finished it until today.

2-9-15 dress 1

I took it with me when Jasper and I went to the 4-H meeting, so everyone could see it and hopefully get inspired to make some dresses of their own. We will be having a work session at some point. I hope by then I’ll have some other dresses made.

It was a fun meeting. My friend Tammie’s husband spoke. He works for Blue Bell ice cream and had free samples for the kids plus lots of interesting information.

Parting Shot:

2-9-15 still life

This is what you might call a “still life” taken in our living room last night.


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