White Chili and Bees

Once a month, Thursday is a busier than usual day because of the beekeepers’ meeting. I only have half an hour between the end of my class before I have to leave to drive Jasper to a town an hour away for the meeting. Obviously, I don’t have time to cook and serve dinner.

So I soaked some beans overnight and then this morning, when I wasn’t preparing for my class, I was doing various things in the kitchen so that I’d have a big batch of white chili cooking in my small roaster all afternoon (my 6-quart slow cooker is not big enough). It wouldn’t be quite such a hassle if I didn’t have to make my own mushroom soup, but then it wouldn’t be gluten free either!

Lucy wasn’t in class because she wasn’t feeling well, but I enjoyed the time with my other students. As soon as my class ended, Jasper and I grabbed some of my fabulous chili and bolted it down before heading out the door. We have begun contributing to the snack table, so today we took my very addicting ranch spread and some crackers.

We actually got to the meeting early despite heavy fog all the way there! I was pretty proud of myself. The man who spoke is a true expert with 400 hives. Kind of mind boggling. We heard lots of great information that didn’t sink in because we don’t really understand it all yet. Plus, they had ice cream and even sherbet and they gave out free ice cream coupons! Jasper was pretty jazzed about that. We drove home singing loudly in the car, which was a big improvement over last month’s tear fest.

Then I came home and tried to work on the knitting project that is sucking large amounts of joy from my life, only to have a huge clump of yarn pop out of the skein pre-tangled. I spent an hour working on it before putting it aside for the sake of my sanity. Well, what little is left of it.

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