Monday, Monday

Despite the fact that it was Monday, today didn’t go too badly. Sure, I had to prepare to teach two classes, but thank goodness I wasn’t as exhausted as I was last week. I did school with Jasper and even ran an errand this morning.

My classes went fairly well. My middle school class is very interactive and most of the time I don’t mind at all. My essay class is the opposite. Every question I ask is met with dead silence! Clearly, my students believe that something horrific will happen to them if they speak up and don’t say the “right” thing! Honestly, I’m not really that mean.

Two important things happened in the last few days. First of all, Hershey’s bullied a British import company into agreeing not to import British-made Cadbury chocolate from now on. I am horrified and angry, and so are a lot of other people. I will hold my tongue in case you are a Hershey’s fan, but I also really hope that the protests are loud enough to force Hershey’s to back down on this one. If they don’t, my Canadian friends might be commandeered to buy and ship chocolate on certain special occasions . . .

The second thing that happened was a serendipitous connection courtesy of Facebook. I recently joined a Facebook group that is focused on Zambia. I don’t read all the posts, but there are some nice photos, etc. Most of the members seem to be either older than me or a LOT younger. A couple of days ago I saw a post and the name of the person who posted was the name of someone I went to school with at Sakeji–someone I hadn’t heard anything about for decades.

So, I commented on his post and asked if he was the guy I remembered. (I had no idea how common his name might be.) Ta da! He answered in the affirmative! I had barely known him at school, but I had been friends with his sister, so I commented again, mentioning the fact that I had fond memories of his sister. He responded with a photo of her and her email address. I was so tickled! Not so much for myself, but for a mutual friend who was much closer to the sister than I was. I’m hoping I can put them in touch with each other.

Sometimes, I really love technology.


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