Yes, I know that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but it has other significance too. Forty-two is the number of cloaks I have made since I made the first two for Flynn and Lina some twelve years ago. I have at least four more on my list too! Number forty-two was Jasper’s belated Christmas present. He is obsessed with camouflage, so I made him a camo cloak.

1-24-15 Jasper's new cloak

He is happy with it. When he gets taller, he will need a new one. This one is actually a bit of a disappointment to me. I could not afford the nice camo fabric at the fabric store, so, since I knew this would not be a long-term cloak, I immediately thought of using sheet material, as I have so many times before. I could not find any camo sheets locally, so I looked around online until I found a great sale on a set of camo sheets. I was a little leery because they were microfiber rather than a cotton blend, but I have seen plenty of microfiber that did a pretty good cotton imitation, so I figured that’s what I was getting.

I never even pulled the sheets out of the packaging until late November, only to find that the microfiber is very thin and flimsy. I had to use it anyway, but I’ll never buy a synthetic again unless I get to see it in person first!

Most of today was spent on a task I thoroughly detest. Sure, I dislike cutting out fabric. Not enough to trust anyone else to do it for me (well, almost anyone), but I really don’t like it. However, I loathe tracing patterns even more. I have several patterns for the charity sewing project that I have to trace so that I can make each one in multiple sizes. One pattern in particular I bought online because it has been discontinued. It is perfect for this project but since there isn’t even a hope of getting another copy, I carefully traced off all four sizes. Another pattern I traced three sizes of. It is such tedious and meticulous work.

All day I kept telling myself, if I just get all this tracing done I can still have time to cut out some cute dresses and maybe sew a couple. Nope. I did cut out one dress, as my family sat around tapping their feet and waiting for me to clear off the table so they could have supper. I really hope that tomorrow I get to do some actual sewing!

Parting Shot:

1-24-15 Jasper's cloak from behind


2 thoughts on “Forty-Two

  1. 42!! Amazing woman. I like the camo look! Also, I confess to being a bad friend, for I haven’t been to your actual site in so long that I don’t even know when you changed your theme, but I love it. 🙂


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