Sunshine & Hot Tamales

Today, the sun actually came out. I love rain, I really do, but I also like seeing sunshine after a couple of days without it. We did school.

Late in the morning, we got a delivery of tamales. Our neighbors were selling them to raise money for their mission trip to India. We heated them up for lunch and they were delicious! We almost never get tamales so that was a real treat.

I serged and prewashed all the fabric that I have earmarked for the charity sewing project. I had hoped to cut some dresses out as well, but a few hours of nausea kind of derailed that plan.

We had pizza for dinner. (Well, everyone except me. I hate having to make two kinds of pizza so most of the time I just go without.) Mercy and Jasper both had a friend over. Afterwards, I kind of wondered what Jasper’s friend must have thought. I know that most families with young kids eat earlier than we do–and we once did too. Years ago, I remember Lina spending time at a friend’s house and coming home starving at 9:00 because they hadn’t had supper yet. I was appalled.

Now, we almost never eat before 7:00 p.m. because of my husband’s evening work schedule. We eat when he gets back, which is usually between 7:00 and 7:30. We are so used to this routine that it never occurred to me to warn Jasper’s friend that he’d be eating later than he is used to!

All afternoon and evening Nate and Colby were on my mind. There was a memorial service for their sweet baby Everly tonight, and there will be another one tomorrow in the area that Colby is from. I hope that they felt the love and support of everyone there and of everyone who has been praying for them from all over the country.

I finished my knitting project. It served the purpose of using up two skeins of chenille yarn that I had been given. I hate knitting with chenille with a deep and abiding hatred, so I have not enjoyed this project. Whatever I make next, I want it to be something fun!


One thought on “Sunshine & Hot Tamales

  1. Yes. Late dinners have become part of our life too, since the girls are seldom home before 6:40, and Paul rarely before six. I find I’ve grown comfortable with it, though. 🙂 If nothing else, it gives me time to figure out what to serve after I’ve gotten the schooling finished and cleared away!


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