Scouting Around

So, the whole charity sewing project is really taking off, and people have been asking about patterns, especially people who aren’t really confident seamstresses. I don’t want to waste all this enthusiasm, so this morning I got Jasper going on school and then went to the fabric store to scout for suitable patterns.

There are actually a lot of considerations that make finding suitable patterns a little difficult, but I was able to find at least a few in the catalogs of all three main pattern companies. And since McCalls patterns are on sale at the moment, I picked up a few for myself. I also scored some beautiful floral denim for over 80% off the original price.

I took Jasper to his piano lesson right after lunch. We had to move it up this week because of my appointment at the endodontist this afternoon. My gum had swelled up and got infected again over the weekend, so I felt I should have him check it out. Turns out that the swelling was normal and that I took care of it correctly so nothing further needed to be done. Also, my visit didn’t cost anything. Whew!

After I took Lucy and her friend Martha to youth group, I took Jasper on up to Target because there was a Lego set that he would die without and he had enough money to buy it. He was so happy to get it!

Then it was home to sit and cut out some paper pattern pieces. I’ve got quite a bit more of that to do before I am ready to cut out some adorable little dresses.

Parting Shot:

1-22-15 Camellia

Our camellia is blooming. I like to think she is trying to set a good example for that deadbeat Miss Wisteria.


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