Is it Friday Yet?

I really didn’t want to go to Walmart this morning, but for some reason my family likes to eat, so I had no choice. We did do school when I got back, and later I ran an errand. What a thrilling life I lead!

In fact my life is so thrilling that I’m going to go back to the endodontist tomorrow, just for something to do. My gum started swelling again on the weekend, and is definitely still infected, so I had to make an appointment.

In other news, I find myself heading up a charity sewing project for several different homeschool groups in our area. I made a suggestion, and things have kind of snowballed since then. I’m excited about it, because we’ll be making dresses and shorts for an orphanage in Zambia, but it will take some real skill to fit this in around everything I’m already doing.

I figured out the chords for the two hymns I’ll be playing on Sunday. I love playing my autoharp.

Also, Lucy has a friend staying the night. I think. I have barely caught a glimpse of either girl.

And furthermore, my husband’s company (second job) lost one of their cleaning contracts. Kind of a bummer.


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