My dental woes pale in comparison with the things that other people are going through. I don’t think I’ve talked about it much here, but on Facebook I’ve been sharing updates each day that have been posted by my cousin’s son Nathan. Nathan and his wife Colby found out back in August that their firstborn daughter would be born with a very serious condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, sometimes known as brittle bone disease. The more serious forms of OI are life-threatening, and unfortunately it seems that little Everly has the most severe type. She was born by C-section on December 28th, and has been in the NICU at Vanderbilt in Nashville since her birth.

We have been praying for Nathan and Colby and Everly since they first shared the news. Our whole church has been praying. Everly is a beautiful, adorable baby, but she was born with over 40 bone fractures and lungs that are not big enough to keep her alive. The last two and a half weeks have been a slow process of Nathan and Colby coming to the realization that they are not going to have the privilege of keeping Everly and watching her grow up. Nathan has been so faithful to post updates every day and take heartwarming little videos of Everly to share with all of us. Today, they made the decision to release their sweet daughter into the arms of Jesus on Sunday, when she will be three weeks old. They will finally get to hold her for the first and last time, surrounding her with love during her last moments of being bound to her pain-wracked earthly body.

My heart is broken for Nathan and Colby, and for my cousin David and his wife Julie, who will be losing a granddaughter. I am asking you to please pray for this family not just this weekend, but in the coming days as they live with the reality of empty arms and aching hearts. Here is a link to today’s update, if you would like to read the full thing:

Knowing what my cousin and his family are going through, I feel almost guilty about having a good time today. After getting up and taking a shower, I ran a quick errand and then when I pulled back into my driveway, I couldn’t get out of the car! Mind you, the passenger side door has been near impossible to open from the inside for several months, but usually the driver’s side door opens easily (having had the door handle replaced three times). Not this morning!

I turned the engine on and off repeatedly, flipped the “lock” and “unlock” button a jillion times, and still could not open the door. So, I heaved myself over the console and into the passenger seat, only to remember that door does not open! I retrieved my handbag from the back seat, got the keys back out, and leaned over to start the car again. Then I could roll down the window, open the passenger door from the outside, roll up the window, turn off the engine, and finally exit the car. Whew! I was glad that my friend Kathy was coming to pick me up in her car!

Kathy came a little later and we drove all the way up to the quilt store in Mineola. Kathy has been my friend for nigh on 30 years but we are lucky to see each other once a year these days. We tried and failed to get together all last summer, so I was glad to spend some time with her. She is a world-class quilter. The quilt store was fun and tempting. I just got a few little pieces of fabric for a charity sewing project that Lucy and I want to do. Mostly it was just fun to hang out with Kathy!

From the quilt store we went to lunch and then to the yarn store that I went to with Lina last month. I’m not going to turn down a chance to go to a yarn store! I took a photo of Kathy wearing the infinity scarf I had made for her:

Kathy 2

It was a glorious day and so sunny and mild. A beautiful day for a drive and a visit with a dear friend. Apart from that, my accomplishments were few. I mailed a couple of things at the post office. I bought some medicine. I thought about doing stuff. I made spaghetti. Tomorrow, it’s chai party day.


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