Crying in Public

You know, I don’t really think of myself as a very lachrymose person, but in the last month I have found myself weeping in public on multiple occasions, including that time at the beekeeping meeting. Today it was in the dentist’s office.

I was more than a little nervous going to a new dentist. I knew from the look of the office that he was probably going to be more pricy than my beloved late dentist. That suspicion was confirmed when I saw the space-age looking treatment rooms each with their own TV! I was given the remote so that I could watch whatever I wanted while waiting to be seen. To be honest, after years of no TV at home I found it very annoying. I would rather read a book or take a nap!

The assistant, to my surprise, took my blood pressure, and the results were so high that we were both surprised. She retook it, and I tried to relax and breathe deeply, but the result was still pretty horrifying. I had suspected that I had high blood pressure, but having it confirmed was very unsettling.

I also had some x-rays taken and the assistant asked me a bunch of questions before the dentist came in to confirm what she had already surmised. The abscess that’s been giving me so much trouble is not going to go away without a root canal. Oh yay. I have had at least five root canals, two of which were excruciatingly painful. And this one, it turns out, is too tricky to be done by a regular dentist. No, instead I must go to an endodontist and pay $1300! That’s when I started crying. I think I hid it pretty well by only wiping my eyes when the assistant was looking the other way. I know she was kind of surprised that I wanted to know how much it would cost, because I guess if you have insurance that’s not very important to you. That wasn’t all of the bad news either. A tooth on the other side of my mouth has been bothering me a lot lately too. It’s actually only part of a tooth because the crown came off and there isn’t enough left to attach it to. Turns out there is an abscess there too, and because there is so little left of the tooth, it will have to be extracted. And I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that this will not be a straightforward extraction either. Due to the spreading roots, the tooth will have to be removed in pieces.

I paid my rather alarming examination fee and went outside feeling shocked and distressed. I hate the thought of going deeper into debt over something stupid like a root canal and a tooth extraction! But at the same time, I won’t be able to function if the infection continues to run rampant. It was a glum drive home. And yes, I possibly have the worst teeth in the world.

I did math with Jasper took him to his piano lesson and also took a couple of naps because last night I woke up feeling much worse than I had been, and today has just been a really down day healthwise. Still I whipped up a tasty supper using stuff I had in my pantry, got some papers graded, and did a breathing treatment since I don’t dare take any more cold meds until I get the non-blood-pressure raising kind.

Tomorrow I have my root canal at 8:00. This week is going to kill me. I hate having to go out first thing in the morning, and this week I have to do it six out of seven days! I would appreciate prayer because after my root canal, I’ll be teaching all afternoon and then going to a meeting in the evening. Not looking forward to it!

One thought on “Crying in Public

  1. So sorry to hear this, I know it is so hard to hear the price of dental treatments. This is something you have to take care and maybe you will feel better in most areas regarding your health. Praying this morning for you. Hugs


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